A tale of tails


Masterful illustrator Charles Burns penned this image for his graphic novel Black Hole. Don’t miss the lizard.


5 Responses to “A tale of tails”

  1. Grey Stevens Says:

    I like the tail.

    I’d get this as a tattoo.

  2. LeslieLeigh Says:

    Umm I’d get the lizard as a tat but the chick would be overkill.

  3. Jason Wheiss Says:

    Charles Burns is a brilliant illustrator. This piece is yet another example of his extraordinary talent.

  4. Pascal Willen Says:

    Hi there!
    Thanks a lot for this website: GREAT STUFF to look at and to think about.

    As you haven’t published any email adress, I leave a comment here.
    I’d like to make you aware of a swiss artist (Thomas Ott … quite famous illustrator, comic-strip artist, also does music and films), who’s works should be shown on your site too… Because it would match very well with the rest you’re showing. Have a look!

    (I’m afraid, the website is only in german, no english translation)


    Greets from Switzerland

  5. James Maybe Says:

    Hi Pascal,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I added a post for Thomos Ott today:

    Your shadow runs into another.

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