God of the stencil


By and large political street art, or street art with a message, is crap. The very best players create beautiful propaganda, while most of the others are cheap-shot artists, whiney ideologues or humorless vandals who produce works completely devoid of subtlety or introspection. Banksy, who’s work Stop and Search is pictured above, works at a level so far above the others there’s really no comparison.

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3 Responses to “God of the stencil”

  1. walt Says:

    No, really there is no comparison to Banksy… utter genius.

  2. the lala man Says:

    What exactly is it that bothers you so much about street art? I mean I understand a dislike for vandalism, but the stuff that makes an effort needs to be commended for simply making an effort. The mere fact that there is a movement mainly driven by youth that seeks to have a voice, rather then destruct or annoy for self centered pleasure, is fantastic and should be applauded, nurtured and directed.

    And yes, Banksy is a genius and in entire league of his own.

  3. Jordan Says:

    yes i do agree that Banksy is a genius but u must understand that he is not the only street artist with extraordinary talent and imagination in fact Banksy has many other street artists helping him with ideas and other street artist that steal his name to make their piece famous