What do you mean, I ain’t kind?


Oh look. It’s a dollar sign made out of bullets. How clever! The artist must be making some kind of statement. Humm… I know! It’s about the connection between money and warfare. Do you get it? Do you fucking get it!?

Shown Not Shown above: Joe Gee’s Explorations. Gee has another sculpture with the word “PEACE” spelled out in bullets. Hahahahaha oh the irony!

Another image after the break.



6 Responses to “What do you mean, I ain’t kind?”

  1. Rg Says:

    But what if it was made up of empty shells that were actually used in war, picked up and saved by a non American soldier who secretly wants to be an artist… would that have been better?

  2. James Maybe Says:

    Hi Rg,

    Yes of course. Then it would have been a deeply poingnet statement of despair and hope and the transcendent power of art to beat swords into plowshares.



  3. Joyce Goden Says:

    eh, give the artists a little credit for trying (there will never be peace)…reality check….http://www.awitness.org/journal/cost_iraq_war.html

  4. Joyce Goden Says:

    ps-i thought those were flashlight batteries at first look…

  5. joegee1 Says:

    thing is it hasn’t been done.(you should see it in gold) there are 20 sculptures all together including human forms…they will show in “SCULPTURE” magazine(& 18 other publications) in full page ads as sociopolitical statements beginning in april, over the next year and a half. look it up smart ass! furthermore you’ve altered my image, are violating copyright and haven’t asked permission to post it as such.

  6. joegee1 Says:

    as for Rg’s comment- yes there are british sniper shells, ak47 shells et cet…. depends on your level of awareness