I tried standing in a forest of reasons

Morris_Molino_Untitled_pair_with_dog. Click for large version.

A pair of large paintings by Morris Molino, titles unknown. You may notice that I flipped the image on the left, which is probably a very bad thing to do. I just thought they made a better couple that way.


4 Responses to “I tried standing in a forest of reasons”

  1. Jen S. Says:

    I don’t get this one. Is he supposed to be smelling dog poop or somethign sexual? And wha’ts with his left hand? Maybe I would like these more if I understood them.

  2. Joyce Goden Says:

    I had a clue about this one….(I old guy i used to work with would smell his fingers every morning –thinking about his wife…)—
    take that, &
    the dog trying to smell the hand
    the girls little finger, and maybe her mouth
    and the guys index finger near his zipper
    (every picture tells a a story-don’t it)

  3. Jen S. Says:

    Ugh! THat’s even more gross. Thanksfor the explination thou…

  4. GrubbsArtist Says:

    flipping it was the right thing to do.

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