The time has come for bitter things

Shannon_Bonatakis-The_Fear_of_Forgetting_or_of_Being_Forgotten. Click for larger version.

Shannon Bonatakis takes a blood oath to keep painting creating colorful women with thin necks and oversized heads. Shown above: The Fear of Forgetting or of Being Forgotten. I couldn’t resist posting one more of her images, read the rest of the entry to see her take on the old lady whispering “Hush”.

Shannon_Bonatakis-Goodnight_to_the_old_lady_wispering_hush. Click for larger version.


One Response to “The time has come for bitter things”

  1. leelee Says:

    How cute. We women kind of look like that, when we gossip. We stretch our bodies and figuratively stretch our necks out. Gossiping really does mean you really are sticking your nose in others business, but it’s delicious business. I love art with big heads, eyes and the small bodies. Ok, I’m a throwback to eighties art. I love to buy sad eyed and big headed kids looking at me with doe eyes.
    There are special places to see and buy this original art. art seller . This is a for special people. I think It’s kind of like the Hollywood look with pencil bodies and lollypop heads. How can any gossip be hurtful when it’s by such a cute creation? They are hushed nymphs sitting in tall grass hiding like the hobbits in the Shire. They remind me of something JR Tolkin designed. They could be fairies, or wood nymphs. Their faces are a bit naughty and devilish. I love this psychological art it’s so darn clever. I wish I had the talent to paint it but I just go online and buy other people cute stuff.