Guilherme_Marconi-Matryoshka. Click for large version.

by illustrator Guilherme Marconi.


4 Responses to “Matryoshka”

  1. CCB Says:

    I love your website but wish you would update it more often.

  2. emmy Says:

    gorgeous picture

  3. Ulysses Zelaya Says:

    Greetings! hey i love your site, i recently just got into and im
    so fascinated by the appealing unique art. I was wondering if you guys
    could possibly help me out. Im looking for paintings, sketches(what
    have you) of “death”(grim reaper) i was wondering if you guys could
    please help me out since you guys are pros to direct me to any sites or
    blogs or artists, or anything that might help me in my search for art
    related to the friendly grim reaper? :) plz and thank you!

  4. PollyWolly Says:

    A Babushka doll explosion! I love the lemon yellow color in this piece.