Ornament and Correction


by Winnie Truong. Reminds me a bit of this piece by Deveras.


5 Responses to “Ornament and Correction”

  1. O'Neil Says:

    Like some strange parasitic twin erupting.

  2. JennaR. Says:

    I saw Truong’s work at a gallery in Toronto. It’s worth seeing in person. They seem so simply conceived, like straight forward illustrations, but each face gives you something unexpected. And the hair! Amazingly drawn.

  3. Ceci Says:

    I find her unexpectedly beautiful. I want to see what the rest of her body or clothing looks like.

  4. Georgia Says:

    I like this one, too.

  5. Jon G. Says:

    Too static. Empty. More disturbing than beautiful, but I don’t care about her too much.