Graphic novel

I need to hire someone to do illustrations for the pilot issue of what I expect will become an ongoing series, and at some point a graphic novel. The genre is realistic narrative fiction told in the first person. I am looking for an artist with a high level of technical skill, who also has a distinct style or feel to their work.

I expect that each issue, including the pilot, will be 21 pages long, plus cover. Most of the pages will be in traditional 9-panel format, with a handful of larger panels mixed in for variety. The level of detail and realism for the most of the illustrations should be similar to that found in Adrian Tomine’s Shortcomings. In addition, a slightly less realistic (more cartoonish) style will be needed for illustrations which represent the narrator’s imagination. All narration and dialogue is complete for the first issue, and I have descriptions for each of the illustrations needed.

I live Toronto, and if possible would prefer to work with an artist who lives in the area. However, I will consider artists from other locations as well. If you are interested, please send an email to Include the words “Graphic novel” in the subject field.

Please make sure to attach samples of your work or, even better, a link to where I can see your portfolio online. If you are able to provide an estimate of how much you would charge for the first issue, that would be greatly appreciated.