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Online and off, we are inundated with images: photographs, illustrations, advertisements, artwork, screenshots, flash animations. By necessity, the vast majority of what we look at, we do so very quickly. One glance and we’re on to the next thing. I suggest you suspend that habit, if only for a little while, while here at Each image I post has been carefully chosen, along with the words, as worthy of more than just a moment’s attention. You can often click on the main image to bring up a larger view, which I highly recommend doing. Post titles are often lyrics, and may not make sense until you read the full song. Try doing a search for them. The works posted here almost always play with symbols, sometimes clichés, and many have hidden meanings. Even the artworks I dislike — and you will find plenty of those on display here too — are worth viewing for more than an instant.

Take an extra moment beyond what you normally would to admire the beautiful, revere the craftsmanship, and try to understand the intrigue. There may be more here than what immediately meets your eye.