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Well who’s gonna make you happy, feeling so down again

Monday, August 24th, 2009


Shown above is Sniftor’s Snowmate, by Matt Dangler. For his show “Searching for Satori”, Dangler created a world of exotic creatures posed in front of pale, lonely backgrounds. The resulting images could be stills from a film version of a previously undiscovered work by Dr. Seuss at his most melancholic of moments.

On the boardwalk. Boardwalk.

Sunday, August 16th, 2009


Daniel Peacock is another artist whose works can resemble twisted versions of Dr. Seuss illustrations.  At times his paintings look highly simplistic takes on a single subject, without depth or complexity. But look closer, give it a bit more time, and you will notice some wonderful details. In Belly Bitter, shown above, notice all the points of repetition and symmetry. See how the composition draws your eye up and to the right, then down and left, then back around again.

I failed to include in my big Super Mario Bros Artwork Roundup Peacock’s own take on Mario, headed off to work, lunch bag in hand.

Whole lotta somethin comin after me

Sunday, July 5th, 2009


As regular readers of this blog may have noticed, I’m a sucker for art which looks like a twisted version of something Dr. Seuss might cook up. The best of these works tread the line between extreme but not so far out that you couldn’t imagine Theodor himself inking it after accedently ingesting a couple hits of acid and wandering down the dark, underexplored back alleys of his mind, those he can never visit sober because they aren’t fully appropriate for little kids. Not way out beyond the pale, but just a couple steps over the line. Shown above is Outlandish by Dave Burke.

Dr. Seuss Demento

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Michael Slack advertises himself as “Art for Kids and Juvenile Adults”. Think Salvador Dalí meets Dr. Seuss in a dark alley, and after Seuss beats up Dalí (Theodor could be a mean bastard with a wicked uppercut, bet you didn’t know) they decide to go watch Ren and Stimpy for inspiration.