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I’m afraid you don’t know where it is

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Shahla_Rosa-The_triumph_of_Andre_Breton & Surrealism

I’m tempted to dismiss Shahla Rosa’s paintings as sloppy, drippy knock-offs of Dalí or Chagall, populated with a grab-bag of melted human forms and generic symbols. But there are times when I suspect the internet just isn’t doing justice to an artist’s work, especially a monster-sized homage like The Triumph of André Breton and Surrealism, which measures 6-feet in width and just a bit more in height. So instead of attacking her paintings I’ll leave this as gentle encouragement to all those who post images of large works in digital format: make them as big as you can, as sharp and colorful as you can. Post multiple sizes whenever possible, and don’t be afraid to go beyond 1000 or even 2000 pixels. Those of use who love art and have large monitors will thank you for it. Meanwhile, as usual you can click the image above for a (slightly) larger version.