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Pretty empty

Saturday, July 18th, 2009


If I remember the story correctly from high school history class, the Spartans punished their wrongdoers twice: once for doing something wrong, and once for getting caught. Last week French street artist Zevs was arrested for pouring paint on a Chanel logo he had just slapped up outside a Giorgio Armani store in Hong Kong. A friend videotaped the mischief. He was arrested immediately thereafter and pled guilty to one count of criminal damage. If there’s any justice in this world, he will be punished thrice: once for his criminal act, once for getting caught, and once for wasting everyone’s time with art that is, at best, pretty nonsense, as in the painting above, and at worst is repetitive, boring, and with only the slightest hint at meaning — bad graffiti carried out by a malicious, OCD-suffering retard all juiced-up after reading though his stack of Adbusters.